Zayishah was the niece of the Arus al-Din, the Emir of Raseir, and daughter of Arus's brother, who succeeded him.


Zayishah was living with her father in Raseir. When her uncle disappeared, her father became the Emir. Despite rumors that he had deposed his brother, Zayishah was among an elect few who knew that her father's vivier, Ad Avis, was the real culprit. Ad Avis, using Arus as his puppet and operating mostly through his henchmen, Khaveen, drove all the Katta from the city and turned into a nightmarish version of its former self, where laws became more important than people. Zayishah, along with all the women in the city, was forced into wearing a veil and not permitted to leave the palace on her own. Mayzun, her servant since childhood, was made into her slave. Khaveen, whom she feared and hated, sought to make her his bride. One day he took her to the dungeons and made her watch as he tortured several prisoners. She was horrified as she realized he looked at her in the same way he looked upon the prisoners.

Before she was forced to marry Khaveen, the Hero arrived in Raseir. With Mayzun's help, Zayishah managed to contact the Hero privately. She convinced him to give her a pair of his clothing and his Visa. Thus disguised as the Hero, Zayishah was able to escape the city and catch up to the caravan which had passed the day before. She made her way to Shapeir from there where the sultan gave her sanctuary. Soon thereafter, the Hero managed to defeat both Khaveen and Ad Avis (both of whom were slain). Zayishah spoke on the Hero's behalf before the Sultan. Her uncle, whom was turned into a Saurus, was also restored to human form.

Soon thereafter, Zayishah became the Emir of Raseir, which was restored to its former splendor. She was considered a just and beloved ruler.

Behind the scenesEdit

Despite the common misbelief, using the X-Ray Glassess to peep at Zayishah changing clothes will not prevent the Hero from becoming a Paladin.

In the EGA version of Quest for Glory 2: Trial by Fire, if the player tries to give Zayishah their Visa twice, the Hero suffers an amusing death.

Zayishah (unofficial)Edit

Zayishah appears in Quest For Glory II: Trial by Fire VGA, see Zayisha (unofficial).

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