Zauberberg (aka Wizard Mountain, Wizard's Mountain, Magic Mountain, Mont Magie, or Zauberberg Mountain) is a mountain within the Barony of Spielburg. It is featured in Quest for Glory I.


Zauberberg is a mountain situated at the east end of Spielburg Valley.

Despite its forbidding nature, the mountain has a very well-defined path leading up to Erasmus' House at its peak, which can be assumed is magical in nature. Despite this welcoming route, Erasmus has placed two signs that magically appear on approach. One welcomes the visitor in various languages, the other is a warning sign that states various messages.

In the VGA version, there also appears to be a "Great Wall of Spielburg" made of pillars to the north of the mountain trail. It is unknown if this is natural, constructed by man, or constructed by magic (though it does bear some resembalance to volcanic columnar jointing of basalt).

In-Game InteractionEdit

The foot of the mountain can be reached by starting at the town entrance and travelling one screen length east, three screens north, and another two screens east.

If the Hero wishes to speak to Erasmus, he'll have to make the climb up Zauberberg, which both takes time and drains stamina.

More information on what the Hero can do once he reaches the peak can be found on the Erasmus' House article.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the QFG1VGA Hintbook, the mountain is known as "Wizard Mountain" or "Wizard's Mountain".
  • "Zauberberg" is made up from two German words: "zauber", meaning "magic", and "berg", meaning "mountain". The mountain has been called Zauberberg Mountain both in QFG4 and the Quest for Glory Authorized guide, but that name is rather redundant.
  • "Mont Magie", which can pop up on the first sign, translates to "Magic Mountain" in French.
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