Zara Shashina is a half-human, half-Faerie Folk wizard (much like Erana) who hails from the Eastern Woods (though she claims to have come from woods to the west of Spielburg as well), and serves as an emissary to its people and the Barony of Spielburg. During her stay in Spielburg, she has also established a magic shop - one of few places within the valley where one may find potions and spell scrolls in great abundance.

She is also one of the masters who sponsors new Magic Users into the WIT Institute during the second game.


  • Wizard of the Eastern Woods
  • Emissary of the Faerie Folk
  • The Wizard

Behind the scenes Edit

  • Zara has a pale white skin pigment in the EGA version of the original, but has a more human appearance in the remake. In the original QFG1 (though the reference is retained in the remake), she is described as having an "unearthly look to her". This may merely be explained by the artists making gracious use of the squared color palette, although that would leave one to wonder why she doesn't utilize the same "pink" skin color that all humans have in the original.
  • Her last name originates from Quest for Glory 2.
  • It is interesting to note that according to QFG2 it would seem that Faerie Folk live in the eastern part of the world in the direction of Mordavia, east of Spielburg. In QFG4 manual, Faerie Folk are included as monsters of the forests of Mordavia. It is also said in the Shadows of Darkness that Erana was from Mordavia as well. It is also mentioned that the Faery Folk seen in Mordavia reminds the Hero of Zara back in Spielburg, and that she had called herself part of the "Faerie Folk", and in QFG2 she is also said to be the Emissary of her race. The queen of the Faerie Folk appears in QFG4. Strangely, QFG1 states that the home of the Faerie Folk (including Zara and Erana) was to the west of Spielburg rather than the east, this appears to have been retconned in later games. In Quest for Glory II it implied that Zara is actually from the East, and its confirmed in Shadows of Darkness that the home of the Fairies (including Erana and Tatiana) is actually in or near Mordavia in the east. In Quest for Glory: The Authorized Strategy Guide, the area where the Fairy Folk race is said to live, or lives near is called the Eastern Forest.

Zara Shashina (unofficial)Edit

Zara Shashina appears in Quest For Glory II: Trial by Fire VGA, see Zara Shashina (unofficial).

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