Laspo Yorick was the court jester to Baron Stefan von Spielburg. When Baba Yaga cursed the Baron and his daughter, Elsa, was abducted, Yorick vowed to find her. His quest started 10 years before the arrival of the Hero and he spent 3 years looking for her. When he did found her, she was a child living with the Brigands with no memory of her true self. Unable to lift the enchantment, Yorick provided protection (with the help of Toro) and some kind of moral guidance to Elsa.

The Brigand Warlock Edit

Yorick became her "Warlock" when her skills and intelligence eventually gained her leadership of the Brigands. He was known simple as "Me". Later he admitted to the Hero that his magic consists of things like sleeping dust. He guarded her office with a maze room and wouldn't allow anyone near her.

Henry the Hermit makes mention of this mysterious Warlock in conversation with the Hero - he states that the Warlock is a very friendly and well-humored person, much in contrast to the rest of the Brigands. As a gift, the Warlock received a Magic Mirror from Henry, which he kept in the fortress (the Hero would later find this item pivotal in defeating Baba Yaga). He apparently frequently visits the Hermit's cave to play card games, though this is never seen ingame.

He was present in the raid of Abdulla Doo, who noticed that the Warlock was gigling all the time and that he was apparently a Gnome.

Yorick is thrilled to meet the Hero and learn of the Dispel Potion, but makes him pass through his Maze first. After the curse is lifted, he returns to the castle, presumably to become the court jester again.

Yorick went on to write a manuscript which he entitled; "Grim and Bear It -- The Completely Unauthorized Biography of 'Bear-on' Bernard von Spielburg".

Behind the scenesEdit

  • In the maze room, the Hero must tell to Yorick that he came to save Elsa. Then he will leave to tell her, leaving the Hero to pass the maze. If not, he will stay there throwing things to the Hero inhibiting him, like scrolls, boots, books, a baby meep.
  • It is learned through asking Keapon Laffin in the second game that Yorick is a distant cousin of his.
  • Yorick's first name is given in QFG 2.
  • His name is a play on the famously misremembered Shakespeare line from Hamlet "Alas poor Yorick ("Laspo Yorick"), I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy." It seems the jester from Hamlet provided the inspiration for the jester of Spielburg.

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