The Magic User Hero graduates as a Wizard.

The Wizard's Institute of Technocery or WIT is a school where Wizards congregate to improve their spellcasting and is one of the locations where Magic Users can be certified as Wizards.[1]


WIT is the ultimate University of the Occult, a tower of power. Naturally, the Wizards of WIT do not wish to be found by any riffraff. While the entrance to WIT is reputed to be in Shapeir, the Institute itself is said to exist on another plane. The entrance is well-hidden from all but those meant to find it.

The inside of the initiate testing area consists of a floating path, that lead into the limitless galaxies of deep space.[2]

The Wizard's Institute of Technocery appears to accept members of all paths, good and evil. Infact many wizard's stay on to study at WIT, tend to become unconcerned with regular world outside of the Realm of Wizards.

The Wizards of WIT do not like liars or intruders in their tower.


Known or former members as of QFG2 (others may exist, but these are specifically shown or mentioned, and are important to the WIT entrance sequence);

Ad Avis's mysterious mentor, known as the Dark Master, was cast out of Wizard's Institute of Technocery for summoning nameless horrors and performing unspeakable rites. This is Katrina.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

A picture which is completely blackened appears in the hallway where the initiation starts. This is believed to be the Dark Master, Katrina, although its never actually specified in the game.

WIT was first mentioned in Quest for Glory 1, where Erasmus the wizard defines wizards as graduates of WIT and distinguishes them from "magic users" and "spell-casters."

The name of the organization is spelled as Wizard's rather than Wizards' in the official material.

Ad Avis is a member of the institute within QFG2. Katrina's image is blacked out, and there is no way to contact the Dark Master.

Keapon Laffin will comment on Wizards and the WIT when asked about them, and even give a clue to finding the entrance. Although his exact status with the organization is not clear.

Fenrus although associated with Erasmus, studied and was certifed as a Wizard at another location, the Mythcatonic U.

If the Hero should happen for initiate testing, then he must choose a sponsor. Any of the known members can be called upon as sponsors, but all but Erasmus will refuse to sponsor him.


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