Wizards are a character class or alternative name for Magic User depending on the game in the series. According to lore magic users and Spellcasters may train and initiate to become a wizard. Players train to become a wizard during QFG2.

Wizards can specialize further to become Magicians and Sorcerers, but Erasmus considered specialists as narrow-minded.


Wizards are the weigher of wonders, theorist of thaumaturgy, meditator on mysteries, savant of sorcery, a watcher of weird, and an academician of enchantments. Delving deep in mystical manuscripts, the Wizard seeks to know the True Meaning of Life, the Universe, and how to do the voodoo that the Zulu do to you.

They should be treated with respect. Even though they may be testy and temperamental, weird and wicked, or silly and simple, it is best to keep one's calm and be polite. It is better than being a toad.

Wizard is a title bestowed on becoming a member of the Wizard's Institute of Technocery.

Notable WizardsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

The Quest for Glory 2 manuals refers to the ingame class as Magic User (much like in the previous game), however within the game, the character selection screen and character stats screens refer to the class as the Wizard.

As the Hero becomes a Wizard in the second chapter, the term 'Wizard' is used for the class in the later games (such as the character screen), although in QFG 3 and IV the class was also referred to as the Magic User in the manuals and character selection screen.