References to winterEdit

  • "It is warm, even though surrounded by the late snows of winter."(QFG1 EGA)
  • "The monsters come down from the mountains every winter, but they're usually gone by now." (qfg1 vga)
  • "Liontaurs in Winter."(QFG3)
  • "He and Fenris spend their winters in their modest Wizard Tower in Silmaria."[1]
  • "The ground bears a rich carpet of fallen leaves, as the trees prepare for Winter's annual assault."(qfg4)
  • "Pine trees grow in profusion in this cool climate. In Winter they needle the decidious trees mercilessly."
  • "I'm going south for the winter, down where the nights are balmy and so am I. Heading for Silmaria, land of winter waterland -- where there is no snow nor cold wind to blow. Up here, the winter is so cold, even the wind howls about it."
  • "...winter. It gets kind of boring swimming under the ice for three months or more..." (QFG4)


  1. Hero: Journal of General Job Adjusting, pg

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