The Willowsby Adventurer's Guild Hall is the location of Devon Aidendale's local Adventurer's Guild in Willowsby.


When Devon Aidendale had recently graduated from the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School for heroes he visited his local guild hall and found a poster requesting a hero come to Spielburg. It sounded good, especially the "no experience necessary" part. So he left Willowsby and made his way to Spielburg Pass. After a month's journey he made it to Spielburg.

Considered hallowed halls in Willowsby. The foyer is tapestried, and fancy portraits with plaques. Each plaque and portrait explained the stories of many of the town's illustrious adventurers.

Beyond the foyer was the main hall. It was actually a huge square room with bare wood floors and a few stuffed chairs. The Adventurer's Guild Hall has the traditional Moose head and other stuffed monsters adorning the walls. The mounted heads of strange beasts stared from dark paneled walls. Straight ahead from the entrance on the other side of the room, was a marble pedestal, where lay the Book of Adventurers. The histories of the town's heroes past and present were kept in the book. Near the exit to the room was the quest board, where adventure notices could be placed.

The guildmaster was a loud man, who did not let anyone but adventurer's touch the Book of Adventurers.

Spielburg‘s guild hall was said be very similar although it was much smaller in size only containing the hall itself which open up into the street.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Character select screen of QFG1 appears to be the façade of the Willowsby Adventurer's Guild Hall. The reference to the 'portraits' decorating the guild hall seems to be a direct reference in the character select screen in QFG1. With the 'plaques' being a reference to the character selection titles.

The book also speaks of marble pedestals and portraits these might both be references to both versions character selection screens.