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Willowsby is mentioned as the Hero's hometown in Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire VGA.


During a late night conversation, the Hero tells Shameen and Shema about his hometown of Willowsby.[1] They thought it sounded like a very nice place to live. Such places are said to be hardly suitable for adventurers who want to be heroes.

In Willowsby the hero joined the Famous Adventurer's Correspondence School, and used the information from those books to develop the skills of an adventurer.

The hero was led to Spielburg by a poster in his local Guild Hall in Willowsby. The poster called for hero in Spielburg.[2]


After events of QFG4, the hero briefly made a trip back to Willowsby for the 10 year reunion with his other classmates, before deciding he had to return to Spielburg.


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