The Who's Who in Mordavia (aka Shadows of Darkness: Cast of Characters) is a supplement by Lori and Corey Cole included in the Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness Hintbook. It included a few hints as to what a player would discover within the game, as well as additional background to fill out the story. The sections that fill out more of the background stories include Dark Master, Ad Avis, Piotyr, Erana, and to a lesser degree Dr. Cranium. The article has material that ties into the Mordavia History of Events: A Time Line such as Tanya's kidnapping occurring after Ad Avis' death at the hand's of the hero. Thus it is one of the sources for the Long timeline.

This article was written by Lori Cole (see Magda).


This mysterious young woman who greets you by the Dark One's Cave arouses your suspicions. What was she doing there? Why is she out at night? Where does she live?

Where can I find her?Edit

You can meet and speak with her outside the town gates at night. The first time is after day three. The second time is at least three nights after the first meeting. You can also meet her by the Castle Gates after you have met her twice by the town. Three nights later, you can speak with her by the Castle Gates again.

What is her dark secret?Edit

She is the Dark Master.

The Dark MasterEdit

You have heard rumors of this ominous person for some time. When you pushed Ad Avis off the parapet in Trial by Fire, his last words called out for the Dark Master. From speaking with the people throughout Mordavia, you have suspicions that the Dark Master is now living in the castle. Who is the Dark Master? What are the Dark Master's powers? What are the Dark Master's plans?

Where to meet the Dark MasterEdit

The first place to find the Dark Master is in the Castle Hall at night. This may occur while you explore the castle. When you enter the secret door from the crypt, go to your left through some rooms, make sure the time is after sunset. When you hear voices, take great care in not making noise. Breaking into the castle is not approved of by the inhabitants.

You can also meet the Dark Master in the Master's bedroom, the Dungeon, when you return to the castle with all the rituals, and by the Dark One's Cave.

What is the Dark Master's dark secret?Edit

The Dark Master is Katrina, the vampire Wizard. She is a powerful and complex person who refuses to accept weakness in herself or others. She is trying to summon the Dark One, Avoozl, in order to fill the land with eternal darkness, so that she will never lie helpless in her coffin again.

Many years ago, she trained a young magician, Ad Avis, in the dark arts. He hated women, and this amused her. She gave him "Life Eternal after Death", the mark of the Vampire, but did not kill him. Ad Avis fled from her to Shapeir, hoping to gain enough power that he would never die and have to serve Katrina. She moved to the Castle Borgov in Mordavia five years ago because she heard rumors of the Cult of the Dark One. Here she was joined by Ad Avis when he was killed by you. Ad Avis was now her Vampire slave, unable to disobey her orders.

Although a Vampire, Katrina was still emotionally a woman. Unable to enter the town because of the protective magic of Erana's Staff, she had her servant, Toby, lure a child, Tanya, to the castle. Here Katrina turned Tanya into a Vampire, to be Katrina's young daughter through eternity.

In order to summon Avoozl, Katrina had to find seven rituals which were scattered throughout this land. She found the "Mouth Ritual", but she needed a Hero who could survive the dangers of Mordavia and move freely by day and night. It was Ad Avis who suggested you would make the perfect pawn. So together they performed a ceremony of summoning to Teleport you to Mordavia.

Unfortunately, the Dark One's Cave distorts all magic in this valley. You were summoned, but rather than arriving in the castle surrounded by Katrina and Ad Avis, you arrived in the Dark One's Cave. Katrina quickly changed her plans about forcing you to find the Dark One's missing rituals, and decided to trick you instead. She used the "Mouth Ritual" to open the Dark One's Cave and allow you to leave.

She and Ad Avis spy on you through the crystal ball at night. This causes some of your peculiar dreams when you sleep at the Hotel Mordavia.

Katrina is a ruthless and deadly killer when she wants to be, but she leaves the townspeople alone, partially because they are protected by Erana's Staff. It is also partially because she thinks of herself as the ruler of the land, and they are her people. It was the rainstorms she summoned that cut Mordavia off from the rest of the world. She is completely self-centered, and thinks nothing of the consequences of summoning Avoozl other than allowing her to travel by day.

Katrina is also a passionate woman who has never known true love. Your actions will determine how she feels about you. You will either be a despised pawn, or earn her respect and admiration.


Yuri Markarov is a grim man of few words. He distrusts and fears you as a stranger. Still, he is willing to have you stay at the Inn. Why is he so sullen? Why does he distrust you so?

Where can I find him?Edit

He is at the Inn at all times. At night, he and his wife sleep in the bedroom underneath the stairs.

What is his dark secret?Edit

His daughter was stolen away one night two years ago under mysterious circumstances. While his wife never gives up hope that Tanya will return, the Innkeeper believes Tanya is dead. He also believes her disappearance had something to do with the strangers in the castle. He is filled with the guilt that he did not find some way into the castle to save his beloved daughter.

Innkeeper's WifeEdit

Bella Markarov is a shy woman who quietly takes care of the Hotel Mordavia. She is dominated by her husband, and seldom voices an opinion. Why is she so silent? When will she speak with you?

Where can I find her?Edit

She mostly stays in the kitchen by day. If you sit down to eat, she will serve you. When you start doing some heroic deeds around town, she will lose her fear of you and speak more freely.

What is her dark secret?Edit

The loss of her daughter Tanya has broken her heart. She truly believes that her child is alive somewhere, and so Bella cannot stop mourning, despite her husband's opinion that Tanya is dead. If you hear some cries in the night when staying at the inn, investigate downstairs to overhear some of this conversation.

Hans, Franz, and IvanEdit

These peasants are typical small town person, mostly talk and little action. They are prejudiced, but their opinions are easily swayed. They each think themselves to be smartest person in Mordavia and that they are the leaders of the community.

Where to meet themEdit

Try the Hotel Mordavia in the early evening. You might also run into them on the street, if they get excited over something.

What is their dark secret?Edit

While they usually drink and talk and seldom do, when they are backed by other people's opinions and much ale, they can be moved to violence. They are quite capable of burning someone at the stake if the spirits move them.


Dmitri Ivanov runs the town. He is a bitter man who doesn't believe in Heroes or heroism, and certainly distrusts you. Even so, he is honorable, and tries to maintain justice in Mordavia. How can you win his trust?

Where can I find him?Edit

You can find him during office hours looking outside his office window or inside the office itself.

What is his dark secret?Edit

Dmitri's grandfather was the Paladin Piotyr. Dmitri has lived with the belief that Piotyr abandoned his grandmother before they were wed. Thus he is cynical about Heroes and Paladins. If you play a Paladin in this game, you can restore his faith in Heroes.


Igor is the gravedigger, tombstone carver, and hunchbacked assistant of Dr. Cranium. How can you win his confidence and get a key to the Borgov Crypt?

Where can I find him?Edit

He is usually working on a tombstone in the north part of town. Occassionally you can find him at the cemetery.

What is his dark secret?Edit

He thinks everyone in town despises and fears him, and would not care if he died.

Dr. CraniumEdit

This scientist isn't truly mad (unless you talk to him about magic; now that makes him angry!) He knows that everything has a rational explanation if only one works hard enough to find it. There is no such ting as magic. How do you get to his secret laboratory? What weird science is he experimenting with? What is his relationship with the mysterious Dr. Brain? (Actually, Dr. Cranium is Dr. Brain's great-great grandfather.)

Where can I find him?Edit

He works in the laboratory at the east side of town.

What is his dark secret?Edit

He is experimenting with life itself, and seeks to reanimate a dead body.

Old ManEdit

Nikolai wanders the east part of town during the day, and has his house on the corner there. The Burgomeister looks after him. Who is he searching for? What happened to her? Where is she now?

Where can I find him?Edit

Mostly wandering during the day. If you are a sneaky type, you will find him in his bedroom at night.

What is his dark secret?Edit

He refuses to believe that his wife is dead, so he is forever searching for her.


Olga Stovich is a gossipy woman who manages to run a shop where there is hardly any trade. She knows everyone in town, and has an opinion on almost everyting. But what happened to her husband?

Where can I find her?Edit

At the shop in the daytime.

What is her dark secret?Edit

Her nagging drove her husband Boris away.


Punny Bones is an unfunny Gnome. The only jokes he has are practical jokes and insults. What happened to his sense of humor? Will he ever get it back?

Where can I find him?Edit

Visit the Inn on the evening of the third day and listen to his routine. After you get a chance to speak with him at your table, you'll learn that his room is upstairs. Visit him sometimes in the room at the end of the hall.

What is his dark secret?Edit

He lost his sense of humor by telling a joke about Baba Yaga.

Gypsy DavyEdit

This good looking Gypsy is accused of being a Werewolf and eating Igor after you have been in Mordavia for a few days. What happened to Igor? What is going to happen to the Gypsy? What are you doing about them? Why are the Gypsies always associated with Werewolves?

Where can I find him?Edit

When Igor is missing, you can find him in the Burgomeister's office. Afterwards, you can find him in the Gypsy Camp at the far northeast of town.

What is his dark secret?Edit

Gypsies may not be Werewolves, but they are the next best thing.


Boris Stovich does a good job of guarding the castle gates in the daytime. He doesn't know a lot about those living in the castle, but certainly more than anyone else. What did he do before he became this gatekeeper?

Where can I find him?Edit

Find him at the castle gates in the daytime to the west of town.

What is his dark secret?Edit

He deserted his wife because of her nagging. You can get them back together, if you work at it.

Chief Thief (Thieves only)Edit

Lorre Petrovich is a mysterious man in hiding. Where his he? Why is he hiding? How can you help him?

Where can I find him?Edit

Look in the Thieves' Guild. The book in the desk will help you to reveal him.

What is his dark secret?Edit

Mostly the fact that he now has some very unsanitary tastes and a tendency to crawl up the side of buildings.


This Slavic house spirit is the quiet sort. You'll have to look for him if you want to meet him. What does he know about the inn? How can you help him? How will he help you?

Where can I find him?Edit

Visit downstairs in the inn around midnight and look around carefully.

What is his dark secret?Edit

He saw Tanya being lured away, but could not stop her.


This Slavic forest spirit is mischievous and tricky. He knows everything that goes on in the forest. What can you do for him? How can he help you?

Where can I find him?Edit

He lives in the forest above Erana's Garden to the southeast of town. If you see some moving bushes, go up to them and find out why they are moving.

What is his dark secret?Edit

As a caretaker of the woods, he is responsible for plants and animals. The Dark One's magic is too strong for him, though. There is a plant he wants to save, but needs your help to do so.


This water spirit has some dangerous tendencies. How can you make friends with her?

Where can I find her?Edit

She is in the lake to the southwest of the town and the northwest of the swamp.

What is her dark secret?Edit

The Rusalka is actually a form of undead. She died when her fiancee pushed her into the lake, and was transformed. The Paladin is able to free her spirit and allow her to rest forever.

Gypsy Fortune TellerEdit

This Gypsy knows many things. Crossing her hand with coin will reveal some very interesting information. What can she reveal to the past, present, and future? What is it that she is afraid to speak of?

Where can I find her?Edit

She is in the center wagon of the Gypsy camp to the far northeast of town. You need to help Gypsy Davy before you can visit her, though.

What is her dark secret?Edit

She is afraid to speak of the Dark One, although she has a lot of information you need. Return here when you are searching for the rituals, and she will finally tell you about Avoozl.

Baba YagaEdit

This traditional Slavic Ogress is back to her old haunting grounds. Why are you looking for her? What does she want from you? What does she eat?

Where can I find her?Edit

Her hut is well hidden. It is at the far south of town, but the way is blocked by magic. The Leshy or the Gypsies can help you.

What is her dark secret?Edit

Baba yaga has dark secrets? Just because she is a powerful man-eating Ogress and Magic User who curses those who insult her and has very different tastes in food doesn't mean she has secrets. No, she's totally straightforward with her whims.

She traveled here from Spielburg after you changed her into a frog (she got better). She doesn't hold a grudge for very long, and if you co-operate with her, she'll help you. Just remember to bring plenty of her favorite snacks with you when you visit her.


This talkative skull is the wisecracking guard of Baba Yaga. What does a disenbodied skull want from life? Where can you find something Bonehead wants?

Where can I find him?Edit

Bonehead hangs outside Baba Yaga's hut.

What is his dark secret?Edit

He ain't got no body, which makes it hard to stay a head.

Tanya MarkarovEdit

This sweet little girl "lives" in Castle Borgov. How did she get there? What has happened to her? How can you get her to come home? How can the Domovoi help you? What can the Gypsies tell you that will aid Tanya? What is Erana's Staff doing in town?

Where can I find her?Edit

Tanya is in the upper left room in the castle.

What is her dark secret?Edit

The fact that she is a Vampire is a bit dark. The fact that she ran away from home and is now afraid to return is another secret that she holds. But her darkest secret is that she fears her parents no longer love her.

Tanya was a lonely girl who only wanted a friend. The Dark Master wanted a daughter, and so she sent Toby to lure Tanya away. Toby became Tanya's best friend, and gave Tanya a beautiful doll, the first doll Tanya ever had. When Tanya showed her parents, they were extremely frightened and upset, taking the doll away from her. Tanya ran away from home because she couldn't bear not seeing Toby anymore. Tanya became the Dark Master's Vampire child.


This monster will do almost anything to protect Tanya. How did he get Tanya to come here? Will Toby do everything to help her?

Where can I find him?Edit

Toby stays with Tanya in the castle.

What is his dark secret?Edit

He loves Tanya more than anything else, and will defy even the Dark Master to help her.

Goon GuardsEdit

These two guards make sure no one gets in or out of the dungeon without permission. Why are they guarding an uninhabited dungeon?

Where can I find them?Edit

The stairs to the dungeon is at the upper right area of the castle.

What is their dark secret?Edit

They are bored, bored, bored.

The GhostEdit

She hovers around, lost and confused. Who is she? What is wrong with her? What does she refuse to listen from you? How can you help her?

Where can I find her?Edit

She is found at night slightly south and east of town.

What is her dark secret?Edit

She refuses to accept that she is a Ghost. Thus she cannot remember why or how she got here. Once she does realize what she is, she will know who she is - the former wife of Nikolai.

Ad AvisEdit

Your old nemesis is back to haunt you. He's even more powerful than he was before you tried to kill him. How did he survive your last encounter? Why is he in Mordavia? What are his plans for you?

Where can I find him?Edit

You can meet him in the castle one night, and even live to tell the tale if you are discreet. He will also try to trap you one night when you go to the castle gates after freeing Tanya. He will greet you in the dungeon, and even in the Dark Master's bedroom, if you follow his plans. You will certainly see him in the Dark One's cave after you perform most of the rituals.

What is his dark secret?Edit

Ad Avis has always been a megalomaniac who wants to rule the world. He hates women and thinks they should all be locked away in harems. He entered the Wizard's Institute of Technocery and attained the rank of Wizard, but Ad Avis desired greater knowledge and power. Therefore, he sought the great necromancer, the Dark Master, to learn forbidden spells and dark magic.

It was to his horror that he discovered that the Dark Master was a woman. Moreover, she was a more powerful wizard than he was, and though she taught him many things, she bound him to her will, and made him her servant. He fled from her, but not before she gave him the "gift" of "Life Eternal after Death" by biting him and forcing him to drink her own blood. He traveled to Raseir where he pulled his power play and took over the city, hoping to gain enough power that he would never die and have to serve Katrina. He knew from his research that the time would soon be right to release the terrible Marad Iblis, and that he needed a Hero to find Iblis in the Forbidden City. Thus he attacked Shapeir, knowing that a Hero would soon arrive due to the prophecy. You were the one to save Shapeir, and although Ad Avis used and betrayed you, you finally sent him falling to his doom. He called out to the Dark master for help, and the Dark master teleported his body to Mordavia. He rose from death a Nosferatu, a Vampire again enslaved to the Dark Master.

Ad Avis wants revenge. He hates you, but despises the Dark Master even more. He will do anything in his power to destroy her, but because he is a Vampire Slave, he cannot harm her unless she harms him first. Thus he plots to use you against her, and then destroy you both.

Faerie Queen (Magic User Only)Edit

The Faerie Queen wants something so badly she is willing to use a human to get it. Who do you think she is trying to use? What does she want? Why is she unable to get it? What will she do in order to get it?

Where can I find her?Edit

She hides just south of Erana's Garden, to the southeast of town.

What is her dark secret?Edit

She desires power, and Erana's Staff will make her extremely powerful. She cannot enter town to get it due to the Staff's protection spell. So she is more than willing to use you to get it for her. She will do anything it takes to gain Erana's Staff.

Piotyr (Paladin only)Edit

The ghost of the Paladin Piotyr haunts the area around Erana's Staff and helps guard the town. What happened to him, and why does he haunt here?

Where can I find him?Edit

Go to the center of town at night and stand by the Staff.

What is his dark secret?Edit

Piotyr journeyed to Mordavia to aid the Mage Erana in defeating Avoozl. He and an army of soldiers tried to stop the Cult of the Dark One from summoning Avoozl in the Dark One's Cave. Most of the Cult were destroyed by Piotyr as Erana sought to drive the Dark One back to his own dimension. Unfortunately, his army and Erana were lost before the gate between worlds was closed. Piotyr found Erana's Staff and made it back to the town where he collapsed from his wounds.

A young woman, Magda, nursed Piotyr back to health, and they fell in love. Piotyr placed Erana's Staff in the center of town, to stand as Erana's memorial and to protect the town with its magic.

One night, Piotyr had a dream about Erana. He knew that her spirit was trapped between worlds. Only by casting all the rituals to summon Avoozl could Erana be free and the gate between worlds closed forever. One week before he and Magda were to be wed, he learned where one of the rituals was hidden. It was guarded by a powerful Wraith. In the terrible battle with the Wraith, Piotyr was killed.

No one in town knew what happened to Piotyr. Many snide rumors said that Piotyr was just dallying with Magda, and deserted her when he discovered she was pregnant. Magda's family felt she and Piotyr had dishonored them, and threw her out of her home.

Magda raised her son Geoff by herself. Piotyr visited her in her dreams to comfort her, but his ghost wept at what he had put her through by taking on the Wraith alone. Now he guards the town, and watches his grandson Dmitri get old and bitter.


Your old friend Erasmus tries throughout the game to get hold of you. This wizard is one of the most powerful magic users in the world. Why is such a powerful Magic User having such problems in reaching you? What does he want for you?

Where can I find him?Edit

You will hear him in your dreams at the Inn, and he will try to summon you at the end of the game.

What is his dark secret?Edit

Erasmus can be a little foolish in his Spellcasting at times.


Intelligent, magical, and sarcastic, this smart-mouthed rat familiar of Erasmus is always at his side. Does Fenris help Erasmus? Or does Fenris just make mischief?

Where can I find him?Edit

Beside Erasmus, of course.

What is his dark secret?Edit

He'll never tell (And neither shall we.)


Stories of the archmage Erana and her kindness and sacrifice fill this area. Is she truly dead? What happened to her? Is there some way to help her?

Where can I find her?Edit

You can hear her in your dreams when you sleep in the town center by the Staff or in Erana's Garden.

What is her dark secret?Edit

Erana was an extremely powerful wizard. Her mother was a magic user, and her father was of the Faerie Folk. Erana grew up with magic and a great love of the land. Although she trained for a few years at the Wizard's Institute of Technocery, she believed that magic was something you did, not something you studied. So she went out in the world, casting protective spells and creating magical areas so that anyone could have a chance to enjoy the beauty of the world without fear.

Being in tune with the land, one day she sensed a wrongness entering. Her spells revealed that the Cult of the Dark One was trying to summon Avoozl into this world. She contacted the Paladin Piotyr and warned him that the cult was powerful, and that she could not stop them alone. Thus it was that Piotyr led an army into Mordavia, and Erana entered the Dark One's Cave to battle with Avoozl itself.

Erana was powerful, but so was Avoozl. The final ritual of summoning had not been completely cast, so Avoozl was not truly in this world. Erana entered into the dimension between worlds to send the Dark One back to its own world. Just as she was casting a final spell of banishment, Avoozl wrapped his tentacles around her and sent her magical staff spinning through the gate between worlds, trapping her soul and Avoozl in this place between worlds.

Because Avoozl was not truly banished, his dark magic "leaks" into Mordavia. Because of this, the Undead rise from their graves, and the very land itself bleeds black blood. Unless the rituals to summon Avoozl are again performed, and Avoozl banished to its own world, the dark magic will poison Mordavia, eventually destroying all living things, and Erana's soul will be trapped forever.

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