Werewolves are legendary monsters believed to live in or near Mordavia (or maybe other parts of the world). But there is little evidence of their existence.


Legends say these are the victims of a terrible curse which manifests when the moon is full. The victim is transformed into a wolf-like animal with a vicious attitude and a taste for human blood (in particular they enjoy eating children). Only silver or magic can affect the monster in Werewolf form. Werewolves are frequently associated with Gypsies, however gypsies are not actually werewolves, but shapeshifters (unlike Werewolves the gypsies can change into wolves at any time they choose).

The legends of werewolves exist outside of Mordavia, a drink has been named after them and served at the Dead Parrot Inn: Werewolf Whiskey -- it's made with Monster Mash and will make you howl. Possibly made from actual werewolf monsters.

While many believe there is no evidence of any real werewolves, many believe the same thing about Vampires as well, and they actually do exist. The only thing is clear is that Gypsies are not werewolves. There has not been any werewolves anywhere near Mordavia in present times, or perhaps ever.

Traits Edit

Werewolves and shapeshifters are believed to be repelled by garlic much like vampires. Nothing can kill a Werewolf but silver or magic. Werewolves are counted amongst the living, not the undead. A infected human may become a wolf when the wolfbane blooms.

Behind the scenes Edit

The Werewolves are a common scare around Town Mordavia. Many townfolk think that the werewolves are the who turn into wolflike monsters at night and raid their town, preying on livestock or even some commoners. In the morning of Day 12, after Igor disappears from the Cemetery, Ivan catches Davey at the gates of the town and imprisons him. The townfolk then accuse him of having slaughtered Igor in his wolf form, and think he is a werewolf.

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