Map of Fredonia (part of northern Vespuciland

Vespuciland is the "New World" in Gloriana. It is essentially two continents, with the southern part of the land known as South Vespuciland, where the city of Rio D is located.


It would include these locations based on equivalency (some are lands, some may be cities).





These are assumed locations (based on descriptions rather than direct reference).

  • Peru[8]
  • North Vespuciland (assumed based on knowledge of South Vespuciland)


Behind the scenesEdit

Several areas corresponding to North America, specifically the United Sates are mentioned throughout the Quest for Glory series. Many are mentioned by the narrator, some are mentioned to be the Hero's own thoughts. Several are mentioned on signs in QFG3. Others are part of a pun or joke made by the narrator (in which case may represent a breaking of the 4th wall).


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  2. QFG3: "California Creeper", in QFG5 is the reference to "Kalifornia", an injoke to California and gnome pun on the greeting Kalimehra
  3. Punny Bones: "Before ya blow, Joe, I figure Iowa." An injoke to Iowa, and gnome pun on the saying, "I owe ya" (QFG4)
  4. "An injoke to the state of Alaska (Baked Alaska[1]", a reference to a frozen desert (QFG4), and a gnome pun on the saying, "I asks ya (another quote by Punny)", Punny Bones: "O.K., Alaska. She says, "No Thanks" (QFG4)
  5. I can make you a great deal on a pair of snowshoes autographed by Sargeant Yukon.
  6. QFG2 and QFG5; an injoke to Petaluma, California
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