Vampires are one of the most powerful of the Undead. They come in at least two forms. The most powerful are known as Nosferatu, and the low-power versions are known as Revenants.


Vampires can create other Vampires from their victims. These new Vampires are slaves to the will of their Vampire creators. Vampires are forced to flee the light of day, and must sleep helplessly in their coffins. Destruction of a Vampire is best done with a stake driven through its heart.

Vampires have the ability to charm their victims, allowing them to feed without resistance. They also possess superhuman strength, and are said to be nearly impervious to attack at night. At least one Vampire has been observed transforming into a bat. Those who practiced magic in life will retain those abilities as well, making them even more dangerous.

Sunlight is their greatest weakness. During the day they must retreat to their coffins to sleep. This leaves them vulnerable to destruction via a stake through the heart.

Notable VampiresEdit

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