Usiku (Swahili for "night") is a Simbani elder who acts as the night watchman of the Simbani village. Significantly less cheerful than his day-shift counterpart Mngoje, he stands guard despite being plagued by chronic injuries, which include a bad back due to injuries sustained on guard duty and damage to both his arms when he was dragged into a mud pit during his warrior initiation. Dialogue during the aftermath of the warriors' initiation rites indicates that Mngoje may have been his opponent.

If the hero is a Fighter or Paladin, Usiku will do a double-shift on the day of the warriors' initiation, showing up in the daytime to officiate the contest of retrieving the ring from the wall of thorns.

He distrusts Johari, and upon hearing rumors that the hero seeks to pay Johari's bride-price, Usiku instead offers to set his own daughter up with the hero.

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