Undead Unguent is an item used for protection against the Undead. It is featured in Quest for Glory I.


As the Undead can be very dangerous and due to the fact that some cannot be destroyed through conventional means, solutions were created in order to protect the lay person against them. This particular unguent is rubbed on the skin, where it will shield the user against the non-corporeal effects of undead creatures.

In-Game UseEdit

Undead Unguent can be purchased from the Healer's Hut for 100 silvers.

If the Hero uses the unguent on himself, it will be described as a tingling sensation. Later the narration will state that the tingling sensation is fading, then gone. This takes about two minutes of real time.

While the unguent is active, the Hero can enter the Graveyard at night and the ghosts present there will ignore him. This will allow him to take the Mandrake Root at midnight without harm.


  • It is possible in the EGA version for the Hero to move quickly enough to take the root before the ghosts can respond, eliminating the need for the unguent, except in the Puzzle Points given for using it.
  • Undead Unguent may operate under the same principles as the Aura spell.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • An "unguent" is a type of salve that's put on the skin to soothe burns or other skin damage. The word was probably chose for alliterative purposes.
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