The Troll Cave is a point of interest in Spielburg Valley. It is featured in Quest for Glory I. It lies near the Antwerp Area.


While the cave itself is natural, the entrance to the cave is concealed by a rock with a keyhole in it. This rock is opened with a Brass Key. Inside the cave is a twisting path. This path exits at a point near the gate to the Brigand Fortress.

The cave is occupied by a Troll named Fred. The pass through the rocks is used as a "back door" to the Brigand Fortress by both Bruno and Brutus.

In the EGA version, the cave extends further to the west, where Fred keeps a pile of flotsam he has taken from those that he has killed.

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In-Game InteractionsEdit

The entrance to this cave is found in a clearing that is reached by starting at the town entrance, travelling two screen lengths south, three screens west, and another one south. It is notable in that the clearing has an Antwerp bouncing around in it.

Although the secret door may seem obvious depending on the version, the Hero officially learns about its existence from overhearing Bruno and Brutus talk at the Archery Range. This is also where he can get a copy of the Brass Key used to open it.

The secret door may also be opened using the Open spell or lockpicking tools, although a high skill is required in either.

From the meeting in the Archery Range, the Hero can also learn the password that will make Fred leave the entrance area. Saying "Hiden Goseke" will allow the Hero to pass through the cave unhindered and continue on down to the southeast towards the Brigand Fortress. If the Hero does not say the password, he will have to fight Fred immediately upon entering.

In the EGA version, the Hero can move further west in the cave to reach Fred's hoard of junk. Searching through it will uncover 5 gold and 30 silvers. This will anger Fred and he will jump out of his hiding place to attack the Hero, even if he had said the password.


  • As the cave has no western area in the VGA version, it is unknown where Fred goes when given the password.
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