The town of Mordavia is found in the northeast-central part of the Mordavia valley. It is a small town, but heavily fortified with a solid wall and a strong gate that's closed at sunset. Anyone arriving after the gate had better be ready to watch all night, or climb the wall (which is feasible for a moderately skilled climber).

Inside the town is the rock with Erana's Staff embedded in it. The Staff doesn't permit evil things to enter the town (but can't stop evil things already in the town). The Rock is also haunted by the ghost of the Paladin, Piotyr.

To the northwest, the 'main street' has the Burgomeister's office (who often leans out his window to keep an eye on things or talk some business with people), the General Store, and Hotel Mordavia.

Through an archway at the end of the main street, one finds the abandoned Adventurer's Guild, and the Monastery of the Mad Monk, whose door is guarded by a beast which has a definite idea on what to do to intruders.

To the east of the Monastery is the residential backstreet, most notably home to the scientist, Dr. Cranium.

And to the southwest from Dr. Cranium's laboratory is the Rock, completing the loop around town.