Azure skies broken only by the shadowy silhouette of passive palms; silvery surf dashing dramatically against the rugged rocks; fanciful, florescent fish silently swimming amidst the ruined remains of ancient architecture from forgotten civilizations - these are teh sights that enthrall and thrill the valiant visitor to the incredible island of marvelous Marete, and the scintillating city of Silmaria. If that touching travelogue titillates your taste for travel, then trek to the tantalizing Silmaria. It's your kind of place.

Serene, stylish Silmaria - winterless weathervane for the wealthy with its comfortable climate, many merchants, beige buildings, and warm warves weathering the shimmering sands. But I alliterate. Built on the steep sides of Mount Draconis on the island paradise of Marete, Silmaria has always been noted for its infinite amusements. Whether you are a savant of shopping, a devotee of diving, or even an exemplar of exploration, you'll find Marete a complete treat.

The DocksEdit

A tourist's typical first view of Silmaria's beauty is from this busy seaport. With the waves on the wharf and dive from the dock, then a suntan on the sand, this is a great place to enjoy the sea breezes and the whiff of fish. This area boasts many charming points of interest to travelers.

At the nearby Dead Parrot Inn, for example, one can quaff indigenous beverages while engaging in games of chance and skill. It's a good place to meet local inhabitants while relaxing in Hellinistic style.

The Weapon Shop of Silmaria is a must-see for all the gladiatorial groupies out there. The Weaponsmith has a selection of extremely impressive magical weapons which he will show to only the most sincere customers.

Here you will also find the Famous Adventure's Correspondence School, alma mater to the finest of Heroes. If you yearn to learn, then make tracks to the FACS.

A giddy gambol out the east gates of the fortress walls will take you to the edges of the renown Buff Bluffs, overlooking the amazing, artificial Science Island, location of the Academy of Science. This is where the cognoscente of science scholarship collect and the intellectually elite meet.

Town SquareEdit

To the north of the Docks of Silmaria lies the famed Town Square. This is the sensational site of the marvelous marketplace of Marete, where the whise try to buy all that they spy.

The outdoor bazaar is an extremely enjoyable experience in Silmaria, where bargain-hunting can entertain the dedicated shopper for hours. Haggle for handcrafted mementos, purchase delicious refreshments, and make friends with local citizens, all at the same time!

If you have need of a secure bank while on our shores, have no fears. The Bank of Silmaria is well-known throughout the region for being nigh unto impregnable. Would-be robbers may have a difficult time indeed trying to rob this hitherto unassailable establishment!

Centrally located in Town Square, the Apothecary is a New Age herbal hangout for all your macrobiotic medicinal needs. Salim and Julanar know their plants. they can sell you herbage to make you healthy and happy.

The Magic Shop in the the Town Square is a favorite gawk spot for Silmarian tourists. The arcane atmosphere of mysticism in this marvelous shop is so profound it has moved some Heroes to throw down their arms and take up the magical arts!

Nob HillEdit

West GateEdit

Silmarian SayingsEdit

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