Toro is a minotaur that Elsa von Spielburg found when he was a 'calf'. He was her friend and protector for much of the ten years of her time with the brigands, and grew to be the most formidable warrior of the brigands, apart from Elsa herself. He is utterly loyal to her, rather than the brigands.

Toro, being a minotaur, has poor eyesight (his peripheral vision is particularly lacking) but very good hearing and sense of smell. He easily detects the rustling of the bushes which conceal the secret exit.

Toro's flail contains his cash stash.

Quest For GloryEdit

Quest For Glory VEdit

"Good see hero man. Good hero man here. Toro like hero man."

When Elsa von Spielburg went to Silmaria to participate in the Rites of Rulership under the sponsorship of Minos, Toro followed her to Silmaria. When he arrived at the Adventurer's Guild, the guildmaster immediately appointed Toro the new guildmaster and left. Toro does not trust Minos, but cheers for Elsa and "the hero man" equally in the Rites of Rulership.

Toro can also be fought in Ferrari's arena, and he serves as the fourth champion.

When Devon Aidendale is attacked by Bruno outside of the Adventurer's Guild, Toro will come to his aid. Toro will also lend assistance in the final battle against the Dragon of Doom. He will appear in the epilogue, provided he survives the battle.

Behind the scenesEdit

Toro is beaten by the Fighter in QFG1, but appears at the epilogue with a banded arm. Presumably, being a friend of Elsa and Yorick, he is allowed to the Spielburg Castle. He also appears in QFG5 (healthy as ever).

Toro is generally avoided by the Thief by sneaking, or calmed by the Magic User in QFG1. Thus Toro generally survives an encounter with these characters in QFG1.

His name is the word for "bull" in Spanish, referring to the corrida.

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