A tinderbox is a box used to light fires.


The hero bought a tinderbox from An Forda and son. An Forda claimed it belonged to Caesar and was given to him by Cleopatra. Caesar had it with him when he crossed the Rubicon. It however was actually made in Taiwan. An Forda claimed that Taiwan was a small town outside Rome.


Its sole use is to light fires. The main case where the hero will seek to do is lighting campfires when sleeping in the open at night. If the hero is a Fighter, he might also choose to use it to light the ring of brush on fire during the warrior's initiation contest.

Quest For Glory 3Edit

The hero can purchase the Tinderbox from An Forda.


This tinderbox contains some loose, dry tinder, a piece of flint, and a steel bar you can strike to create fire. It weighs 5 quarks.

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