A Thieves' Guild is a place where thieves go to fence their stolen goods, or learn to improve their thieving skill.


  • Spielburg Thieves' Guild
  • There isn't a straight thieves' guild in Shapeir, the Money Changer, Dinarzad runs a fencing gig on the side.
  • In Raseir, Signor Ferarri once ran the closest thing to a thieve's guild.
  • There are rumors of a Thieves' Guild somewhere in the land of Tarna[1]. However there is none within the city itself.[2]
  • Mordavia Thieves' Guild
  • Silmaria Thieves Guild.
  1. "You could sell it to the thieves' guild for 100 royals.","Yeah, Pop, and have the guild come after you for cheating? Forget it.
  2. Rashid (QFG3):"There is no guild here, and no place to sell items."

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