The Big One

Thermonuclear Blast, also known as Thermonuclear Attack is (technically) an offensive Spell. It causes a major nuclear explosion, with the caster at ground zero. It is first introduced as a concept in Quest for Glory III, but only becomes available in Quest for Glory V.

Thermo requires 200 MP to cast.


Once the Magic User gives the Famous Adventurer some Hippocrene Water, FA will return the favor by giving him the scroll of Thermonuclear Blast. He claimed to receive the scroll from a dying Leopardman he found in the East Fricana jungle.


When cast, the Hero will cause a gigantic nuclear explosion that will destroy everything in a ten-mile radius and make the area uninhabitable for several centuries thereafter. This will also destroy the Hero.

Under normal circumstances, using this spell has no practical value, resulting only in the Hero's death and a special death message. However, when facing the Dragon of Doom, the Hero can discuss using this spell with his friends, and if he uses it, he will receive an alternate death screen.


The spell cannot be trained.


The Famous Adventurer will only give the spell to the Hero if the Hero has no Paladin Abilities (in which case he gives the Magic Helm) nor thief-related abilities like Sneak or Lockpicking (in which case he gives the Stealth Charm).


  • The fact that the FA found the scroll on a dying Leopardman is a reference to Quest for Glory III. If the Hero takes too long destroying the World Gate, the Demon Master will invade the world and cast Thermonuclear Blast, instantly killing the Hero and most likely everyone else in range.
  • The death message for using Thermonuclear Blast while fighting the Dragon of Doom is ambiguous about Silmaria's fate. Talking to friends suggests that Silmaria would survive, perhaps due to the spell being cast deep within a volcano.
  • There appears to be at least two versions of this spell: one that affects a ten mile radius and a version that affects a five mile radius.
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