The Chief is the irritable guildmaster of the Spielburg Thieves guild, and so can be found there. While little is known about his thieving skills, he does have enough authority to control crusher the goon. As well he is frustrated by the Brigands who were troubling the village, though only because they were not liscensed guild members. Interestingly, though he seems to dislike those who steal without a license, if the hero doesn't have enough money to buy one he advises the hero to steal the cash.

The Chief also seems to enjoy playing Dag-Nab-It, a knife throwing game. If the hero is a thief, then he can also challenge The Chief to a game.If the hero should happen to walk in front of The Chief while he is playing, then the hero may be killed by a flying knife.

He attended the hero ceremony after the land had been saved.

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