Tanya Markarov is a character appearing in Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness.

Background Edit

She was initially the daughter of the innkeeper Yuri Markarov and his wife Bella, living with her parents at Hotel Mordavia, but was later charmed and abducted by Katrina. She then turns Tanya into a vampire like herself, to be her daughter forever.

The Hero finds Tanya inside Castle Borgov, in her room with Toby, her best friend who is also very large furry monster. The Domovoi in the Hotel Mordavia compels the Hero to save her, and eventually the Hero claims Erana's Staff. Toby sacrifices himself in order for the Hero to cast the Destiny Spell with the staff, essentially resurrecting Tanya and returning her to her parents.

Behind the scenes Edit

Tanya was stuck in the form of a six year old child.

Also, don't assume that Tanya was kidnapped recently just because she's a small child. She's been that exact same age for quite a long, indeterminate time, several years at least.
Note that her parents are, or appear to be, middle-aged. Once again, you can't draw too much inference from that as circumstances have aged them prematurely. They could be as young as early 30's or as old as mid-40's. They were a young couple when Tanya was born.-Corey Cole