Surria is a land in Gloriana. Surria spans across both the Europe and Orient continents.


It is a big place lieing a bit east of Mordavia. It is Baba Yaga and Bonehead's mother land[1], though not much else is known.

Baba Yaga traveled from Surria to Spielburg where she spent several years until she was forced by the Hero. She traveled a bit before heading to Mordavia[2], where she chose to spend the winter due to the Dark Magic permeating the valley before returning back home to Surria.[3]

The Famous Adventurer apparently once travelled there where he met Baba Yaga. She referred to him as 'sweet Prince Ivan'.

Notes Edit

Home of the Russians and St. Petersburg (Tarot Deck).

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Surria is taken from Russia, with the s and r letters switched. Bonehead describes Surria, as "mother Surria", which is based on the euphemism, "Mother Russia". The name may also be a play on words of "Sierra"

While QFG5 confirms that F.A. met Baba Yaga, it doesn't specifically say he met her in Surria. Although that is a strong possibility. Although he could have met her in Mordavia or Spielburg as well. She has been in Spielburg for a few decades, giving him time to run into her there.


  1. Bonehead: We come originally from Surria. You know, big place to the east of here. When Baba Yaga got the yen to get away, we moved to Spielburg, and you know what happened there. So we came here."
  2. Baba Yaga: Since I last saw you, I traveled a bit until I landed here, Hut and all.
  3. Bonehead: Baba Yaga came from a place a bit east of here, but she always had a hot spot for this little valley. Said there was alot of Dark Magic about this place, so she thought she'd spend the winter here before moving back home."