Summer is the warmest time of the year. Shapeir is known for its Summer climate. It is arid and extremely hot during the Summer. Only Fresno might be hotter.

References to SummerEdit

  • "The summer heat is dangerous for those not used to it."
  • "Only the Katta can stand to work the bazaars in the summer. The rest of the year, you cannot walk through the Plazas, there are so many merchants."
  • "In the summer only the kattas can stand the heat. Other times of the year, you cannot move in the plazas for so many stands and shops."
  • "Erasmus has his summer home on Zauberberg Mountain in Spielburg Valley."
  • "...less clever Magic Users are flame-broiling fiends in the hot Summer sun."
  • "I can grow enough on this little plot to feed my family and the village. You should see this field during the summer"(QFG1)
  • "There you will find fresh cherries during in the spring, peaches in the summer, and apples in the fall."(QFG1)
  • "It's cosmic and freaky this mid-summer's day..."(QFG3)
  • "Well, like, the sun mostly does shine in the summertime."(QFG3)

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