The WIT Sponsors, are master wizards that have gone through the Wizard's Institute of Technocery and received Wizard status. To honor their success, paintings of the wizards are kept in a long hall within the institute. Magic users seeking initiation into the institute must be sponsored by a former member. The sponsor assists them in the initiation test, and then the new Wizard Initiate has the option of swearing an Oath, to go on spending fifteen to twenty years training under the professors of the institute within the Realm of Wizards, or continuing with their life within the real world.

Behind the scenesEdit

It should be noted that sponsors are not 'teachers'. Though they may treat the one they sponsor as an apprentice. Most sponsors have their own life outside of the Realm of Wizards. Erasmus for example is busy with his own affairs in both Zauberburg and Silmaria. Zara Shashina spends most of her time at her shop in Spielburg. Ad Avis spent most of his time in Raseir and Mordavia attempting to take over the world. Katrina completely cut off her contact with WIT (her image is blackened). Erana spent most of her time traveling around the world saving places, and setting up magic gardens. WIT had lost contact with her a long time ago. Merlyn had his own affairs on the Isle of Gramarye to deal with.

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