QfG1VGA Valley Overlook

Looking into the valley from roughly a southwestern position.

The Spielburg Valley is a valley that makes up most of the Barony of Spielburg. It is the location where Quest for Glory I takes place.


The valley is almost entirely surrounded by mountains, including the Dragon Smoke mountains to the north and the Wolf's Bane Mountains to the north and east. Only a pass at the east end allows travel into and out of the valley for the average traveler. To the east of the mountains there is the town of Willowsby and a desert from which salt is imported.[1] During the winter, the pass tends to be blocked by snow or avalanches.

The valley itself is heavily forested. Although areas in the center of the valley were cleared for the construction of the castle and town, much of the forest remains wild and untamed.

More information and history of the valley can be found in the article: Barony of Spielburg.

Points of InterestEdit

Central ValleyEdit

NOTE: There is also an area in the forest (south of the town entrance) with a hollow log that seems like it might be a point of interest. However, this log is just a landmark and can't be interacted with.

Northern ValleyEdit

Western ValleyEdit

Southern ValleyEdit

Eastern ValleyEdit

A 'north road' is described but this does not seem to be a proper name for the road, although there is one reference to "North road".

Flora and FaunaEdit

Spielburg Valley plays host to a large number of organic life. Some life lives in the valley year round, but several types of animals, both sentient and non-sentient, and particularly monsters, will migrate down from the mountains during the winter, where they will live through the spring until driven out.


Sentient (non-civilized)Edit

Sentient (civilized)Edit


Several other species, including Frost Giant, Griffin, and Dragon, may visit or have visited the valley in the past, but are not considered native or residents.

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