Simba is the son of Uhura. His name means lion in Swahili. His father was a member of Sultan Harun Al-Rashid's guards (a strong fighter, almost better than Uhura).


Simba liked to lie besides Rakeesh and play with his tail. Before even talking, he had an opinion about poltergeists.

Uhura took him back to the Simbani Village in Tarna when she followed the Hero and Rakeesh.

By the time the Hero found his way to Silmaria, Simba was growing strong and proud like his mother.

Behind the scenesEdit

This character is known as Baby Simba above his talk box in QFG2.

When the Hero attempts to talk to Simba he will reply "Poltergeists make up the principle types of spontaneous material manifestations". It is a pun on Pogo where the phrase appears as a usual motto of Pup Dog.

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