Sharaf (in the Katta language "Honor") is a relative of Shema, originating from Raseir.

Background Edit

Khaveen banished all the Katta from the city after Ad Avis overthrew its Emir Arus al-Din. While most of the Katta moved to Shapeir and were given sanctuary by the Sultan Harun al-Rashid, Sharaf decided to stay and help lead the resistance against the new dictators of Raseir. At some point in time, he was caught by the authorities and imprisoned in the dungeons. Sharaf is the cousin to most if not all Katta in Shapeir.

After several days in Raseir, a mysterious Hero was captured by Khaveen and placed into the same prison cell as Sharaf. At first, Sharaf was apathetic to the traveller and ignored him. When he noticed that the Hero was wearing the esteemed Sapphire Pin, symbolizing that he was a friend and benefactor of Sharaf's people, he helped to reveal the secret escape passage out of the dungeon. The two parted ways on the dark streets of Raseir immediately after their escape.

A day later, after returning to Raseir with the aid of He Who Waits Behind, the Hero saw Sharaf one last time. The Katta informed him that the resistance movement was about to start a rebellion and attack the Palace, giving the Hero a short window of opportunity to get to Ad Avis without having to take the full brunt of most of the guards. He wished his friend good luck, and then sneaked off.

Behind the scenesEdit

Almost all Katta will refer to Sharaf, if asked about their "cousin'. Shema has the much to say about her cousin Sharaf, and Sharaf has much to say about his cousin Shema.

Sharaf (unofficial)Edit

See Sharaf (unofficial).