The Shapeir Desert (aka Shapeirian Desert[1]) is a seemingly endless desert lieing between two mountain ranges.[2][3] The twin cities of Shapeir and Raseir, and the Forbidden City can be found out in the Shapeirian desert. The desert consists of many sand dunes. The climate is arid and extremely hot in the Summer.

It is the home to several natural fauna including sandworms.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The desert's proper name, "Shapeir Desert" appears in the technical manual for Quest for Glory II and the QFG2 section of the Quest for Glory Anthology manual.
  • The QFG2 Hintbook also contains a map giving it the title 'SHAPEIR DESERT' (alluding to the fact that it is the 'Shapeir Desert'). The hintbook also calls it simply 'the Desert'.[4] The same guide also divides it in half into the 'RASEIR DESERT' as well.
  • The desert is usually described as the "desert of Shapeir" within Quest for Glory II, or simply "the desert".
  • Dr. Cranium describes the desert as the "Shapeirian desert"[5], Punny Bones refers to it as the "desert of Shapeir".
  • The Authorized Guide, also gives the proper name, "Shapeierian Desert"[6]


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