Scoree is a Katta and husband of Sloree.


He is the local food merchant in Shapeir found in the fountain plaza. Scoree's food stand is located next to his wife's meat stand. He sells mostly broiled meats which his wife cooked. Scoree often finishes his wife's sentences while advertising the meat and roasted dates. He is also a fine cook in his own right. He is Shameen's sister's eldest boy and nephew to many of the Katta in Shapeir. Shameen's nephew was very happy to sell something for the Hero to eat.

Behind the scenesEdit

Scoree's name is reference to Corey Cole. Asking most Katta about "nephew" will lead you to Scoree and Sloree. Ask Shameen about Scoree or "nephew" leads to information about Scoree being Shameen's sister's son. Asking Scoree about "nephew", leads him and his wife to introduce themselves. Shema is one of the few Katta that doesn't answer to questions about "nephew" or Scoree.

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