The Scientific Elements are the non-magical versions of elements, or believed to be non-magical by most Scientists. For scientists it is important to know the relationships of the Scientific Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Pizza. The Elements are the building blocks of everything in nature. Everything scientists know is made up of one or more of these elements. Creatures made up of a single Element are scientifically plausible.

The Scientific ElementsEdit

  • Earth is for solidity and stability.
  • Air gives freedom and movement.
  • Fire provides power and energy. Lightning is electrical in nature, which puts it in the realm of Fire.
  • Water provides fluidity and life. The Element of Water is the most important ingredient in life science.
  • Pizza represents the essence of well-roundedness and regaining strength. Pizza is a crucial ingredient in many scientific formulae. There is infinite variation in its effects, depending on whether one starts with Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Artichokes, or Plain Cheese.


The primal force in life is electrical in nature. It also involves Water for life and Pizza. A combination of Lightning and Life Fluid can be used to reanimate dead corpses.

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