Samuel (his friends call him 'Sam') was originally a beggar living in the cold alleyways of Spielburg.


At one time, Sam apparently was once an adventurer, but thought he could fight monsters forever. But next thing he knew, he was begging in alley ways. It was a sad fate for a respectable Hero.

In Quest For Glory I: So You Want to Be a Hero, he may have encountered the Hero, who may or may not have lent him some money to help his cause. Regardless, after Elsa von Spielburg drove the leaderless Brigands from the valley, Sam's luck began to take a turn for the better. As the avalanche melted and the pass into Spielburg Valley cleared, tourists and merchants returned to the area, and Sam made a small fortune off of them. He used the money to travel to Silmaria and started his own bank, originally as he needed, "a place to stash [his] cash". Once he realized other people living in the area had equally good need of a bank, he opened his establishment to the public.


Behind the scenesEdit

  • Sam's location in the original game is somewhat strange, as this alleyway is one of few places in the town of Spielburg that falls outside the range of Erana's spell of protection.
  • In the original EGA version of the first game, Sam makes no mention of Silmaria. His plans to head there were added in the VGA remake.
  • His full name Samuel is mentioned in QFG5.
  • Sam's appearance in QFG5 more closely resembles his appearance in QFG1EGA, as an older bald man. He looks much younger in QFG1VGA, and seems to have a full head of red hair under his hood. If he was physically as he appears in QFG1VGA at one time, he would have had to have greatly aged between QFG1 and QFG5 (not the only character to have done so see Rasha Rakeesh SahTarna and possibly Elsa von Spielburg).
  • Sam's appearance in the The Authorized Guide is based on the version in the remake.