Rome is a land and a city in Gloriana[1].


It was apparently known for its winged statues which represent the grandeur that was Rome.[2] The Roman Empire stretches across Rome and beyond, and is ruled from the city-state of Nova Roma. Pompeii was a city in Rome destroyed by Vesuvius in the recent past, the Famous Adventurer escaped the destruction.[3] The city-state of Nova Roma was founded by Romulus and Remus. Rome's Italian chefs are well known for using garlic in the food they prepare.

It was once the home of Caesar. He is known for having crossed the Rubicon, a river in in the region.[4]

The city of Rome apparently predates that of Nova Roma, but may be the same location or close to each other. The Roman Empire is currently ruled from Nova Roma.

An Forda tries to claim that Taiwan is a small town outside Rome, in order to sell one of his products.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rome was the name of an ancient empire in Earth's history. It is also the name of a city in Italy. Pompeii was one of the cities of ancient Rome.


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