This page deals with the development of Quest for Glory II: Trial by Fire.


The final city in this game is Raseir, an anagram for Sierra, the company that produced the Quest for Glory series.

Changes and cutsEdit

The back of the game box shows an early version of the Hero's fight with Uhura, in which the background is not the Adventurer's Guild Hall but the normal mostly-black combat background. The box also has an early image of Ad Avis' ritual room in Raseir, where the Dragon and the Scorpion constellations are visible in the sky, along with a crescent moon. (In the final game the moon is full, and those two constellations aren't visible).

A non-playable demo of the game was released by Sierra. It contains several graphical differences from the final game. Notably, in the finale sequence, the night sky behind Ad Avis shows the Dragon and the Scorpion constellations, as seen on the back of the box. In this demo, the Hero casts lightning at Ad Avis instead of a force bolt, and is killed when Ad Avis' Reversal spell causes it to bound back at him.

There are unused graphics for the Hero wielding a blue paladin sword, much like how he uses in later games. In the game a fighter can use Soulforge empowered by Rakeesh's red flames. The unused blue flame graphics are unique to the hero. When Raskeesh shows off the sword, and empowers with flames are only red, and there are no blue versions of the animations.

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