Quest for Glory III: Shadows of Darkness was originally going to be the sequel to Quest For Glory II: Trial by Fire. The title appears at the end of Quest for Glory II. Quest For Glory III: Wages of War was created instead, after it decided that the Hero was not ready for the dangers of Mordavia. The basic ideas for Quest for Glory III: Shadows of Darkness became the basis for Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness, the 4th game in the series.


At the end of Quest for Glory II, the Hero leaves Shapeir out into the desert at night with his new saurus. He watches the moon cross above, and wonders where the road will take him. The screen shows a close up the moon, with the text below it saying Quest for Glory III: Shadows of Darkness. The moon begins to turn red, as if blood is oozing over the face of it, this blood changes into the face of a vampiric skull.

Behind the scenesEdit

QFG3 retconned the ending of QFG2, instead of leaving Shapeir to travel the roads to his next destination he instead had stayed in Shapeir living for three months in the palace of his adopted father, the Sultan of Shapeir. While visiting Aziza he learns that Ad Avis had disappeared, his body not found, and that his death had caused problems in Rakeesh's home in Tarna. This leads the hero to take a magical portal to Tarna.

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