This page concerns the development of Quest for Glory: Shadows of Darkness.

Changes and cutsEdit

The Shadows of Darkness Technical Manual contained a few early versions of screens in the game that were later changed. It shows a version of the character stats screen where Paladin points were tracked there, in the style of QFG3. They were later removed from the stats screen. As well, there is an image of the Hero's hotel room where a large pitcher is visible in the foreground (later removed).

Unused EnemiesEdit

The 810.msg folder lists many of the games encounters/monsters. Some of these enemies do not appear in the final game. This includes the Tentatite, and Nastimost.  The Priest Horror appears to be an conept name for the transformed Last Boyar Borgov, aka the Pit Horror, Killer Rabbit is obviously a concept name for the Vorpal Bunnies, while the Ghost maybe a reference to some of the named Barrow Wraith encounters found in the Castle, Graveyard and Crypt (rather than the ghost that haunts the castle stairwells).[1]


Nastimost was an unused monster type from Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness. Corey and Lori graciously loaned their design documents to the Sierra Museum to be archived for The Art of Sierra. From the design document the description of Nastimost is as follows:

"Nastimosts (Who Knows When?, Random)

Artists' choice of appearance. These are the toughest randomly-encountered monsters; they should really look mean and powerful. Toughest Random Encounter (.44 Magnum), 50% spell resistant, vicious attacks. Maybe treasure."

"Monster: Nastimost Speed: Fast Damage: 12/8/8 Armor: 8 Health: 400 Defense: 250

(Half damage from spells, not affected by Calm, attacks are bite and 2 claws -- this may change depending on actual animation.)"


Tentitite is an unused monster type from Quest for Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness. Corey and Lori graciously loaned their design documents to the Sierra Museum to be archived for The Art of Sierra. From the design document the description of Tentitite is as follows:

"Tentitites (In Dark Ones Cave, fixed encounters in hallways)

These things are like a cross between stalagmites, stalactites, and sea anemones. They may be found in the passageways of the Dark One Cave. They look like a series of stalactites and stalagmites. When ego approaches, tentacles come out of the tops of the conical structures to flail at ego, causing damage to Health Points. No close combat animation needed, but we do need animation of ego using his sword to hack his way forward (with his back to player). The Fighter hacks through the Tentitites, the Thief sneaks (using the Stealth skill), and the Magic User should cast Calm to keep them from attacking."

This may have inspired the aveoli and tentacle like structures seen in the Breath Altar room in Dark One Cave.

Unused Inventory ItemsEdit

View 905.v56 shows many unused inventory icons. The Paladin Flaming Sword, Battle Axe, Piotyr's Shield, the Baked Elderberry Pie, and the Rubber Chicken attached to a rope are some of the notable ones. There also are alternate colored versions of the Torch and Mana Fruit as well as what appears to be early versions of the Dark One's sign and Rope & Grapnel. There are also what appears to be carryovers from QFG3 but colored differently (like the honeypot, fine dagger, waterskin and ration fruit). There is also a Book, a Candle, possibly Igor's Shovel, and some various potions / materials in flasks.


Unused AnimationsEdit

There are animations of the Hero swinging a large Battle Axe in a similar fashion to how he does when you click the sword on the Castle Gates, as well as an animation of the Hero drawing the Battle Axe and slicing his own arm off.


There are also unused animations involving the Rubber Chicken and the Elderberry Bush, and something (possibly magic) around the fallen berries. There are also unused animations of a mud splash, Tanya walking, the Hero struggling around in the dungeon chains, glowing mid-acrobatics flip, and death screen icons and animations of him killing himself, melting, and falling through a hole.

Unused MusicEdit

472.snd is the only piece of music that is unused in-game. It can be heard here. Composer Aubrey Hodges has this to say on the subject: "That was written for the Gypsy camp. I forget what triggers it exactly. But I always thought it made it into the game. It's an event. I think maybe the wolves attack or the burning...Can't remember but it may only have triggered for certain classes."

"Sneakin" is a track from Aubrey Hodges' Official Quest For Glory 4: Shadows of Darkness soundtrack. Although not found in the game files, Hodges had written it for the game, though it ended up not being used. There are two versions on his soundtrack, one "game version" which is 39 seconds long and a "real instruments" version which is 1:30. Hodges has this to say regarding the track: "I think it is used only when playing a rogue when you sneak around at night. That was it's purpose anyway. I am not 100% sure they implemented it but I thought they did."


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