This is a timeline concerning dates given in Quest for Glory 4 ½: So You Thought You Were a Hero?.


  • 10,000 - The spirits of the tree are formed.
  • 800 - The period of Charlemagne's Frankish Kingdome
  • '65 - Larry is born to his witch mother.
  • '87 - Erik ends his viking career and becomes Erik the Retired.
  • '92 - Hero graduates from the Adventurer's Correspondence School.
A month later he travels to Spielburg to become a Hero. He defeats Baba Yaga for the first time.
  • '01 - Kaspar sells his general store to the vampire, Bagi, who turns it into Starbucks Spielburg.
May 9: Barnard starts plotting on what to do with his sister after his father dies. His father continues to get weaker.
Heinrich Pferdefedern passes away in the spring. Baron Stefan von Spielburg Passes away in the spring. Elsa von Spielburg disapears the day after. Bernard becomes the new Baron.
QFG4 Begins. The Hero saves Mordavia in the Autumn. QFG4 Ends
  • '02 - One month before QFG4 ½, Larry leaves his witch mother in an attempt to learn evil ways and summon the Dark Lord, Satan. He sets up his base of operations in the Catacombs beneath the Spielburg cemetary.
Hero has his 10 year reunion in his hometown. He learns that Spielburg is in trouble and escapes the reunion, and starts journeying towards Spielburg.
One week later, The hero reaches Spielburg. He learns that the Sheriff Meissterson has been murdered three days before he got there.
  • QFGV begins


  • Elsa is said to be one year younger than her brother Bernard.
  • Bones had twelve years experience as a familiar before he became Baba Yaga's gate guard.

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