Representation of the Pizza Elemental

Pizza anim

The element, "Pizza"

The Pizza Elemental is a theorized Elemental formed from the primal element, Pizza.


Pizza elementals are created by magical spells placed upon the primal element of Pizza (sometimes considered to be one of the four basic elements instead of 'fire', and sometimes the most important element of all of the five Scientific Elements).

The pizza elemental has the characteristics of its associated element[1] (it is well-rounded, flat, tasty, perhaps gooey, all sliced up, inert, makes a nice snack to regain strength and energy, and can be delivered in under half an hour in most areas). There is a nearly infinite variation in its energizing effects on an individual, depending on whether the elemental is based on Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Artichokes, or Plain Cheese, etc.[2]. Inside the Palace of Raseir is a simulcrum of the Pizza Elemental. It shows that a Pizza Elemental is a flat creature divided into eight slices (perhaps more in some elementals). Each cut rays out like the spokes of a wheel, forming a kind of sunstar pattern.[3]If the representation is to scale, then it is one very large pizza.

The pizza elemental is not a powerful elemental. Although its energizing effects on an individuals who eats them is noteable, by itself the elemental is inert and particularly harmless. The Djinni of the Ring once made a pepperoni pizza, but couldn't make any of the more powerful elementals.[4] In another example, Pete (a friend of Keapon Laffin) once tangled with a very powerful wizard. He lost, and was turned into a pizza elemental.[5] A small single pizza elemental may not be enough to sustain a person if they find themselves extremely busy with an important project. In those situations where the individual is famished they might require two, or even considerable quantities.[6] Although perhaps the effects of a pizza elemental are somewhat greater than that of a regular pizza?

Some scholars argue on if the pizza elemental is real or not. A famous treatise on the subject includes, The Pizza Elemental - Fact or Fiction?.[7] It is difficult to tell if the pizza elemental exists or not, considering that it is very difficult to distinguish between a pizza elemental and a regular pizza (except maybe size).

Behind the scenesEdit

The Pizza Elemental is a running gag found throughout QFG2, and referenced by the narrator, and a few characters in the game (including Keapon Laffin, and the Djinni). The reference to Pete becoming an pizza elemental is akin to the term "street pizza" in place of 'roadkill'.

Of all the elemental creatures, its apparently not particularly powerful, and appears to be essentially helpless (as suggested by the Djinni, if Pete is any indication, and based on its representation in Raseir). It's a totally flat creature (which might be properly described as 'squished' in some situations) with no noticeable appendages. If someone tangles with a powerful being they might end up becoming a pizza elemental themselves, and maybe make a nice snack for a monster.

Pizza Elemental (unofficial)Edit

Pizza Elemental (unofficial)


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