Piotyr is a major character in the fourth game in the series, Shadows of Darkness, if the Hero protagonist is a Paladin himself. The Paladin encounters the ghost of Piotyr at night in the town of Mordavia (at Erana's staff). As a side quest, he will be able to redeem Piotyr's family name. Others will only hear Piotyr being mentioned as the history of Mordavia unfolds. Piotyr is a Paladin, the former Adventurer's Guildmaster[1], and the grandfather of Mordavia's Burgomeister Dmitri Ivanov.


Piotyr journeyed to Mordavia to aid the Mage Erana in defeating Avoozl. He and an army of soldiers tried to stop the Cult of the Dark One from summoning Avoozl in the Dark One's Cave. Most of the Cult were destroyed by Piotyr as Erana sought to drive the Dark One back to his own dimension. Unfortunately, his army and Erana were lost before the gate between worlds was closed. Piotyr found Erana's Staff and made it back to the town where he collapsed from his wounds.

A young woman, Magda, nursed Piotyr back to health, and they fell in love. Piotyr placed Erana's Staff in the center of town, to stand as Erana's memorial and to protect the town with its magic.

One night, Piotyr had a dream about Erana. He knew that her spirit was trapped between worlds. Only by casting all the rituals to summon Avoozl could Erana be free and the gate between worlds closed forever. One week before he and Magda were to be wed, he learned where one of the rituals was hidden. It was guarded by a powerful Wraith. In the terrible battle with the Wraith, Piotyr was killed.

No one in town knew what happened to Piotyr. Many snide rumors said that Piotyr was just dallying with Magda, and deserted her when he discovered she was pregnant. Magda's family felt she and Piotyr had dishonored them, and threw her out of her home.

Magda raised her son Geoff by herself. Piotyr visited her in her dreams to comfort her, but his ghost wept at what he had put her through by taking on the Wraith alone. Now he guards the town, and watches his grandson Dmitri get old and bitter.

Behind the scenesEdit

Piotyr's last name is not given, it may be "Ivanov". But this is not verified. However a paladin has the chance of redeeming Piotyr's family name implying his last name is Ivanov. However as he never married Magda, she and her son may have kept her own name.

Strangely, most accounts appear to treat Piotyr as Dmitri's grandfather, and he does refer to him as grandfather in most cases. However, when you return the sword, he says that its his 'great-grandfather's sword'. This would seem that there was one extra generation between Geoff and Dmitri. With this in mind certain details such that Dmitri's mother's father (Dmitri's grandfather) only speaking badly of Piotyr, or that Dmitri's father would never speak of or allow Piotyr's name to be be mentioned may have a completely different context. Another possibility is that the sword belonged to a paladin, Pyotyr's grandfather before it was passed onto Pyotr. So that the sword is the 'great-grandfather's's sword as well. This appears to be the explanation that Corey currently uses (although he has suggested it was likely a mistake in the past)[2].


  1. Narrator (QFG4):"Signature only, please. Only the Guildmaster is allowed to make other logbook entries.", "Near the end of the book, Piotyr tells how he led the armies against the Chernovy Cult outside the Dark One's Cave.", "Near the end of the book, Piotyr tells that he was going to seek out the Rituals of the Dark One and destroy them. There are no later entries."

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