Petalumeir trophy

Petalumeir trophy shield

Petalumeir is a desert city in the state of California near the sea in Fredonia of northern Vespuciland.


Half Moons Bay can be reached by taking a detour through Petalumeir to avoid 101 during rush hour.[1]

Petalumeir is known for its fierce Desert Wrist-Wrestling Championships. Issur of the House of Usher, was a champion from the Arm Wrestling tournaments, having won a shield there as a trophy.[2]

Although located in California at least by name, it shares an apparent connection to both Shapeir and Raseir. Travel may be closer due to the configuration of the continents into Gondwanaland.

Behind the scenesEdit

The reference is a pun on the town of Petaluma, California[3]. A place known for holding world arm wrestling championships between 1952-2003. The reference tieing it the "Desert", may be a reference to the Great Petaluma Desert, a desert plant nursery in the city.

Some believe it to neighbor Shapeir (based on the -eir suffix seen in Shapeir and Raseir). However it apears to be a pun of a real world location, with a link to the desert theme of QFG2. It may just be an injoke (like Fresno, Fredonia & Black Shield of Falworth). Most of the shields and weapons on Issur's wall include injokes and puns. Quest for Glory V ties it even closer to California, by linking it to the real world Half Moon Bay, Highway 101. Though not directly connected, Ann Agrama makes a reference to "Kalifornia", using the term as a pun, in place of the Greek greetings used in Silmaria.

Comparing real world geography in relation to Gloriana; Petaluma, Half Moon Bay, and Highway 101 would be located on the west coast of North Vespuciland (Gloriana's new world equivalent to the Americas).


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