Orpheus is the drummer in Tarna and a buddy of the Famous Adventurer. He is talented and with his music could charm others. He is found in the south end of the Bazaar during the day.


He once traveled to Hades to look for his wife. On the way to Hades, he met Cerberus, the three-headed dog of the Underworld. Orpheus charmed them with a song. He almost drank from the river Lethe, which makes those drink from it forget all worries and rest peacefully. But he kept focused on his goal, as he wanted to his wife back from the Underworld. In the end he failed to to get her out. When he returned to the land of the living, he wasn't the same afterwards.

The Hero is able to give him change, or take change as Thief. The Hero was told about Orpheus by Janna Jamil when they discussed Tarna. Famous Adventurer tells about Orpheus when he the Hero asks about Hades.

Behind the scenesEdit

The two Orpheus may not be the same character, although they both seem to share a talent and love for music.

In greek mythology Orpheus was a lyre player.

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