Olga Stovich is the town's shopkeeper.

Background Edit

She makes up sandwiches for rations and candy for kids, and sells an assortment of useful--if domestic--items. She says her husband Boris is dead and departed for three years, but actually he left after an argument one day--she was complaining that he spent all his time at the inn drinking with his buddies, and he countered that the valley is closed off, there's literally no one to sell things to--and ran into the new Master of the Castle, who offered him a job as a gatekeeper, and he's still at the job, which pays very well and on time, considering the light duties.

It's possible to reconcile Olga and Boris after discovering Boris' fate. The Hero must walk back and forth between the two of them, at first trading old complaints and insults, but when Olga says she's staying afloat by selling avocado and garlic sandwiches, Boris gets a bit misty-eyed and decided to come back home and patch things up.

Personality and traitsEdit

She's apparently vegetarian, and makes all of her dishes completely vegetarian. These include avocado and garlic on pumpkin wheat bread, and mostly garlic and avocado with goat's cheese on whole wheat. Her husband's favorite is the avocado and garlic on pumpkin wheat bread. She is into healthy food, and eats plenty of fruit, nuts and berries.