Nosferatu are the most powerful form of Vampires. They are the most feared form of the Living Undead.[1] They drink the blood of the living to maintain their unnatural existence. They have a natural ability to charm their victims before sucking out their life blood. At night, the Nosferatu are virtually invulnerable to attack. Garlic also seems to have no effect on them, despite most urban myths.

Nosferatu, unlike the low-power Vampire Revenants, retain their full intelligence and do not rot (in fact, they do not age, don't require sleep or food, other than human blood, and don't show any real emotions). They have pale skin, a pair of fangs among their upper teeth, and golden eyes. They can choose to turn a victim into another Vampire if they wish. These new Vampires are compelled to serve their creator, and are unable to directly oppose them. This bond may be broken if the master attacks the slave. Nosferatu showing love or compassion for living beings will inadvertently turn those into the Nosferatu themselves, however the latter ones will retain free will for up to 30 days before complete transformation.

Notable Nosferatu Edit

Trivia Edit

The word nosferatu is a deformation of Romanian nesuferitul, meaning "the insufferable one". It has been used long before Bram Stoker's novel "Dracula" in order to refer to the Undead in general.


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