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Nawar was a former harem girl in Raseir's emir's court. She later moved to Silmaria.


First seen in the second game, Trial by Fire as a member of the Emir of Raseir's harem, and was seen only in the Thief character's path. She flirted heavily with the hero before he left to stop the magician Ad Avis from releasing the powerful Djinn Iblis.

Nawar is seen again, and far more prominently, in Dragon Fire (where she's familiar with the hero regardless of his class). She works at the Dead Parrot Inn for by Signor Ferrari with her good friend Budar. Nawar works as a dancer and hostess for a dagger-throwing minigame. She has a highly flirtacious personality and seems to greatly enjoy suggestive puns. Underneath her loose and sometimes crass exterior, though, Nawar truly desires the love of the Hero. She is one of four potential brides for the hero, although the guard at the door fancies her for himself. She also assists the Thief in side quests.

Behind the scenesEdit

Due to a programming oversight, a Thief who marries someone else but wins the Chief Thief contest in Silmaria will still make out with Nawar after the crowning ceremony at the end of the game.

It is possible for the Hero ( Wizard or Fighter) to marry three individuals including Nawar during a single play through (either Erana, Elsa, and Nawar, or Katrina, Elsa and Nawar). Thieves are limited to marrying Elsa and Nawar only (Katrina will turn down anyone with thief skills and Erana will turn down anyone who holds the true thief class). The final ceremony in the palace defaults to whoever was courted first (must either be Erana or Katrina). Katrina will turn down the Hero if he has flirted with Nawar and Elsa before attempting to court her.

Although she only met the Hero during the thief path in QFG2, she strangely knows the Hero (no matter the player's class). She like Budar also seem to acknowledge the events of the Hero's thief path, no matter the class.

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