Minos was a politician of Silmaria, who lived on the isle of Minos.


Minos was descended from former rulers of Silmaria, but his lineage had since been placed in the position of advisors to the king.

When Minos came into possession of the Prophecy Stone through unknown means, he concocted an elaborate plan to take over Silmaria or to destroy it. He hired Bruno to assassinate King Justinian. After the king's death, he hired General Claudius and the Hesparian Mercenaries to invade Silmaria and to incite a war with the Tritons of Atlantis.

As the Rites of Rulership approached, Bruno told his employer about Elsa von Spielburg. Believing she would be a perfect pawn in the Rites, Minos found her and offered to sponsor her in the Rites. She agreed, and he sailed the young woman adventurer and her companion Toro to the isle of Marete. As part of his dastardly plot, he had Bruno start breaking apart the Dragon Pillars by killing people so that their blood landed on the pillar.

Elsa began to be suspicious of Minos. She confided in the Hero that she thought Minos was, perhaps, the mastermind behind the evils in the land. Soon, this was confirmed by Bruno as the assassin breathed his last. Logos and the Hero summoned Minos to the Hall of Kings where they learned the truth. Minos teleported back to his estate on the Isle of Minos but was pursued by the Hero, who soon discovered that Elsa had been imprisoned by the devious megalomaniac.

After freeing Elsa and defeating most of Minos' minions, Minos pronounced that if he could not rule Silmaria, no one could. He then jumped to his death, shattering the Prophecy Stone and releasing the Dragon of Doom.

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