The Meeps' Peep is a point of interest in Spielburg Valley. It is featured in Quest for Glory I.


This area is the home of the Meeps. It is situated at the far western corner of the valley.

The area is an open clearing with several flat stones on the ground at irregular locations. These stones cover holes and a network of caves where the Meeps live. The Meeps will periodically pop out of their holes to scout the area.

In-Game InteractionsEdit

It lies four screen lengths west of the town Graveyard.

When the Hero visits this area, he may attempt to talk to any of the Meeps. Once he does, the Green Meep, evidently the most social of the Meeps, will chat with him.

From this Meep, the Hero can get Green Fur, an ingredient for the Dispel Potion, by asking for it. He can also get a scroll for the Detect Magic spell by asking about "Magic". Asking for food, he will get a half-eaten apple.

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