Marete is the main island of Mariana and Silmaria island kingdom. It is the location of Silmaria the capital of the kingdom. There also five fishing villages on this island, as well as each of the Dragon Pillars used to bind the Dragon of Doom into the temple at the Dragon Blood Pool. At the center of the island is the massive, volcanic Mount Draconis.


Marete is a large volcanic island, that rose when Atlantis fell. It is mostly rock and seashore rising steeply to the peaks of Mount Draconis. In the caldera of the Draconis is the most inaccessable Lake Morae. The entire island of Marete is the base of the mountain. Though there are trails that traverse the island, most of Marete is uninhabited, save for the isolated fishing villages along the coast.

Two days after Justinian's death, Marete, had unfortunately been invaded by Hesparian Mercenaries. They had taken the outlying villages. The City of Silmaria did not have the force to drive them away.

There are many small islands that surround Marete. They are mostly uninhabited save by animals and monsters. A few of the larger islands are owned by the individuals that live there Travel to some of the outer islands had become very dangerous. Many fishing boats had not returned, and reports of attacks by the Tritons and sea monsters became all too common.


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