Manu is an intelligent talking monkey in Quest for Glory III.


Manu first encountered the Hero in the jungles of East Fricana, after being captured in a trap set by Pygmy Goblins. The Hero freed him and Manu expressed gratitude, but disappeared due to an apparently short attention span.

Later, Manu welcomes the Hero into the Monkey Village, where he shares his people's folk tale about escaping from their Apemen and Demon slavekeepers in the Lost City by crossing the Waterfall. Manu is horrified to learn that the Hero needs to go back to the Lost City, but eventually agrees to show the way.

When Harami refuses to help fulfill a prophecy by being the fifth friend to fight the demons (along with Yesufu, Johari, Reeshaka, and the Hero), Manu, who has been spying out of concern, bravely volunteers to take his place.

Should the hero choose to attack Manu over the course of the adventure, the adventure will end.